Note to Self: Never Leave Home Without Glitter

As the holidays continue to roll on, there will undoubtedly be parties, dinners,  events, etc. in which you will be required to dress in your “holiday best”, (whatever that means, whenever I hear that all I can think of is the tacky red and green plaid dresses that I had to wear to my elementary school holiday performances.) Some roll their eyes at the idea of having to don something other than yoga pants and a top knot. I however, LOVE any chance to get dressed up, and since it’s the holidays, that means one thing:


Or sequins, I don’t care what it is as long as its shiny, sparkly, or shimmery. I also don’t care who you are, if you are a female (or male, no judgement!) you have a secret soft spot for glittery clothing during the holiday season…or anytime of year. ONE problem though, glitter saturated clothing can have a tendency to make you looking like you need to be dancing in the chorus line with the Rockettes, or hanging from the ceiling and spinning around like a disco ball at lame school dance. Never fear though, I got you girl.

You Like Love Champagne, Why Not Wear It?:

Holiday Glitter-Champagne

**Note: Be sure that your hue of  champagne goes with your skin tone, the one pictured above is FAR to close to my skin tone so I would go a little more Rosé.

Dresses aren’t your thing? That’s cool too:

Not feeling the whole outfit dipped in glitter thing? Opt for some classic high waist skinny fit pants.. Keep it chic with a loose fitting cropped tank for your pop of glitter and simple gold jewelry and pointed stilettos. Feel free to add in a pop of color by way of lipstick in a classic red or hot pink.

Glitter 2

A Short Story:

I don’t know about you, but I love a good pair of sparkley shorts. Keep them from looking like you are about to do a tap dance routine on Broadway by adding a casual t-shirt and quirky jewelry. And sorry if you were hoping for an outfit with flats. Ain’t gonna happen, it the holidays people. ANY. EXCUSE. TO. BE. FANCY.
Glitter 3

Mix It Up:

I personally will be trying to recreate this outfit for NYE. Take a discoball-esque mini skirt and velvet/suede textured elements in a solid color. Add in some shiny accessories that would attract a ferret, a chic clutch and DONE.
Glitter 4
**Please note that ALL of these can be paired with a jacket of some sort. It is simply not included because we are located in Florida, and it is December 15th and the high was 84. 8-FREAKING-4. What is this newfangled thing they call winter? Now, get to shopping before all of the sequined, glittery pieces that you have secretly always wanted to buy are snatched up.

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One response to “Note to Self: Never Leave Home Without Glitter”

  1. Pesci says:

    LOVE all of these! Also, “shiny accessories that would attract a ferret” is my new favorite phrase. ???

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