Boots: The Switzerland of Shoes

I have an addiction. Besides good wine and GIFS of kittens.

^^If you don’t find that cute, you sir, have no soul.

That addiction is boots. Of all kinds. Knee high, thigh high, ankle, combat… You name it, I more than likely have it in my shoe wardrobe. Before you commit me and put me in boot lovers anonymous, let me state my case.

  • They are an easy way to add a little edge to any outfit. Whether you are off running errands, to brunch or a date boots make it interesting:


Boots 1


And no, your shoes and handbag do NOT need to match.

  • Since they come in so many styles, they have the ability to be practical. Galavanting around a music festival? There’s a boot for that.┬áBusiness casual dinner after work? There’s a boot for that. Exploring a flea market with your bestie for your next oh-so-original fashion accessory? You guessed it, there’s a boot for that.


A photo posted by Caitlin Kramer (@caitsanne) on



  • They are “season-agnostic” (You like that? I’m positive that’s not a word, but we do what we want at SC ’98.)
Boots 2
  • As well as “oufit-agnostic” (I promise I’ll stop┬átrying to make up my own words.) Day? Night? Dresses? Pants? Shorts? Kilts? Let. There. Be. Boots.
Day to Night boots

Hopefully I have converted you into a believer at this point. The last words of wisdom that I leave you with is the “Golden Rule” of wearing boots:

Stupid quote

Which roughly translates to, “They make you look good, so please make them look good.”

So, don’t pull a Miley:


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