Christmas For Krampus


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, according to the radio and every major department store. But, you’ve seen the decorations popping up slowly since before Halloween and you’ve been trying to ignore them. Because honestly, unless you are some sort of Christmas junkie, you simply cannot do three months of Christmas cheer. Maybe you’re the type who starts decorating right after the last Thanksgiving dinner plate has been shoved into the dishwasher (I would recommend holding off buying that real Christmas tree for another week or so after Thanksgiving, there is nothing more depressing than a dead Christmas tree on Christmas morning). Maybe you’ve gotten all your Christmas shopping done over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale extravaganza. Or, if you’re really really prepared you may have even gotten it all done the year before. Every one does the holidays differently.



For some, the year may have gone by a little too fast. You look at the calendar in a state of disbelief. Counting down the days as they race towards the New Year and thinking to yourself how you are just not prepared. If this sounds more like you than join the club. Florida’s lowest temperature this winter season has been 58°. I’ve sweated my makeup off at an outdoor wedding in the middle of November, decorated a Christmas tree in a tank top and jean shorts. Cooked Thanksgiving dinner in a cotton mesh-cutout dress.  My feet have gotten cold once, which was today because it was a little chilly this morning and I forgot to turn off the A/C. That’s right, it’s a week into December and I am still using central A/C.

Not to sound like a Scrooge, it’s hard to hate Christmas. It’s in my Top 3 Favorite Holidays (as I am sure it is in everyone else’s). I am one of the weirdo’s who just genuinely enjoys giving gifts. I enjoy shopping, I enjoy spending many meticulous hours thinking and planning what great and meaningful present I am going to bestow upon my friends and family.  I’ve actually been Christmas Shopping twice already, only to come up empty handed each time. Not for lack of trying, I am just having the hardest time getting into the Christmas spirit. For no reason in particular, I am unfazed.

So just as anyone else looking for advice, I turned to the internet. The list was laughably obvious: listen to holiday songs, look at christmas lights, watch classic holiday films, etc. But, tired of being accused of being a Krampus I decided to suck it up. I pushed my stubborn tendencies aside and found the local holiday station and started pulling out the boxes of Christmas decorations.

How to get into the Christmas spirit

I can’t say that I’ve completely transformed but with the house looking more cheerful and I’m definitely starting to feel more prepared for the holiday season. Up for round 3 of shopping this weekend, hopefully I won’t turn up empty handed or else everyone is running the risk of receiving only Christmas cookies this year.

In all seriousness this wouldn’t be a Christmas article without a little sentiment. A lot of times people get into the material aspect of Christmas and take it at face value. It’s easy to get excited about presents and holiday feasts but it is also easy to take advantage of. The holidays can start feeling redundant after awhile, just another milestone through the passing of time. But, the holidays should be  a time where you put that apathy and social anxiety aside and really appreciate the time spent with the people around you. The memories you make will be of the people you are with, you probably won’t remember the decorations or the presents. So for all you Krampuses out there who just can’t seem to get their Christmas jollies (ew), stop looking up how to change your spirit on the internet. This might not be your cheeriest year yet, but you can still appreciate it for what it is, a time to surround yourself with the people you love.


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  1. Andrew Pritzker says:

    Well said. I feel better already.

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