Chronicles of the Broke Millennial

We are in our 20s, we are Millennials, so therefore unless we have made some very good life choices or was born with a trust fund, we are broke. BROKE as fuh.

There might be times in which you feel that you might feel like you are having to choose between a new outfit or eating well that week (okay maybe not everyone has that struggle buuut I might, I won’t disclose if that is a yes or no….)

However, there are ways around this. Yes, it requires to be creative, have an open mind, and above all things NOT be lazy.


I can’t stress this one enough. I’m extremely guilty of this, in fact a messy closet is one of what I like to call my “charming quirks.” However, do as I say not as I do. Organizing your closet allows you to see what you actually have available to you. Color code it, separate it by category, fold it, hang it up etc. Do whichever satisfies your inner OCD tendencies. For some really great tips go to: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/20-ways-to-organize-your-bedroom-closet-43236

These are by far my favorite tips and tricks that I have stumbled upon for this endeavor (if your closet is anything like mine, it in a beast of an endeavor. Seriously.)


This one is my favorite, because who doesn’t like free clothes? The ladies in my office  hold one every Spring and Fall. Got some pants that don’t fit anymore because maybe you’ve done a few too many squats at the gym (or those calories from drinking may have added up…)? Bring them in. Did the loud music and bright lights of Forever 21 prompt an impulse jewelry buy  that doesn’t go with ANYTHING you own? Throw it in there too, just maybe in plastic ziploc bags so that the new owner doesn’t get the arduous task of untangling it. Also, be sure to get as many people involved as possible. That way there will be a variety of styles and sizes, because EVERYONE likes a good selection.


Don’t be a snob. I have found some of my absolute articles of clothing that I get compliments on all the time from thrift and resale stores. In fact, I found the exact same Free People dress that T.Swift has, as pictured below on the lovely Jill at a local thrift store:


So there.



Don’t get sucked into the Cinnabon scented black hole.

I only go when I reallyyyyy get the itch to go to H&M and Forever 21, or any other mass production clothing store for a quick solution to a wardrobe problem. Also known as Caitlin can’t find anything in her abyss of her closet and does not feel like searching through that Everest sized pile of sun dresses, ankle boots, and high waisted shorts.

The drawback to the mall paradox is that you may end up with the same thing as someone else. Shop local when and where you can, and organize your dang closet.



This is a no-brainer. I don’t even feel the need to explain myself on this one. For a 10 mile long list of online retailers that have unique and cost effective clothing please reference this lovely Buzzfeed article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mallorymcinnis/your-new-favorite-places-to-shop#.dh00XVaNr6

My favorite part of this list is that the author references the prices ranges for dresses, which is the section of a website I always immediately go to (you know you do too.)

Yes, some are on the pricier side, but everyone needs to invest in some wardrobe staples every once in awhile.



Even our spirit animal, Cher from Clueless, felt like she had nothing to wear sometimes. When this happens, you may immediately want to revert to going to mall and binge shopping. Maybe you have been wearing the same combos over and over and you’re sick of them. The way around of this is get inspiration. Scour the internet and start an album in which you save images of outfit combinations. I guarantee you probably have something just like that . Have you organized your closet yet?




Now that it’s fall, go forth and purchase all that festival ready clothing, it’ll be marked down and you will have next summer’s wardrobe ready to go. Plus, you will have some motivation for when it’s time to drop winter weight so you can fit into those high waisted short shorts. Just sayin.  You could even style/layer summer pieces to take them into the fall season. Or if you are like us, you can wear them until December. #floridaprobz


In closing, there are ways to save that money and not have to make the choice between a new outfit and eating decently for the next week. You just have to put a little effort into it.



Well, I TRIED to color code...

Well, I TRIED to color code…


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