Deep Blue: Winter 2015


Deep Blue


For those of you who have been shopping this month already I am sure you have noticed the change in not only scenery but inventory. It is always amazing the shift towards Christmas as soon as Halloween is over. I know when I was looking for my last minute halloween costume the Christmas tree was already up at the local mall, I am assuming they did this because when I went again November 1st they had already begun taking pictures with Santa under said tree. But that’s not the only change that had caught my eye. All of the fall selections have been phased out and picked through in the sale section and they had already brought their winter lines front and center. Those of us who live in Florida don’t really get to experience much of a fall season as it is. But with the stores gearing up for the holidays, it seems we only get a month to enjoy all the hunter greens and burnt oranges before we switch straight to cranberries and grey. Which brings me to the point of this article, our new favorite color of the upcoming winter season, Deep Blue.

This all inclusive term captures the best of the dark blue hues and encompasses each shade from Navy to Cobalt (because we can’t pick just one shade). The good thing about blue is that it looks good on almost everyone (really I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t look good in blue, but I haven’t met everyone so I can’t say for sure). Earlier this week while I was looking through a sea of sapphire blue jewelry wishing that I could just drown in it, I stopped being upset that I couldn’t find that hunter green dress that was being displayed in the window just one week before. Instead, I was inspired to hunt down more great fashion finds in those beautiful deep shades of blue. So I did just that, I took a few of my favorite finds and hunted down the same look, each item $50 or less.


Colbat and Fur


Unless you have been living under a rock these past few months I am sure you have noticed that fur is most definitely in. And not just fur vests and sweaters, later in this article I feature a fur clutch and I’ll be the first to tell you they are my new obsession (so if anyone was wondering what do get me for Christmas…).  Anyway, this first look features a fur coat with blue accents that just so happen to match the cobalt blue turtle neck that is underneath. We wouldn’t expect any less for Emilio Pucci, this look comes straight from his Autumn/Winter line and if you wanted to steal it (I know I do) I found some similar pieces below.

Navy Outfit 2

Carmen Sandiego’s Blue Period


Need I say more? This look definitely captures one of my favorite childhood villains and screams world traveler. Now all that is left is to become a leader of an international evil organization. Do you think they accept applications?


Navy Outfit 4

Gossip Girl


Here it is folks, the fur clutch I mentioned before, being modeled with this great school girl meets biker ensemble. The leather really adds a much needed edge to this otherwise very flirty outfit. I personally can’t wait to mimic it, now all us Floridians need is the temperature to drop about 30 degrees and we can all whip our cute winter jackets that we only get to wear twice a year.

Navy Outfit 1



Boho Blue’s


The one thing this outfit is missing is accessories. And maybe some fringe… But all that aside, this high-low dress with brown/tan accent pieces really brings a touch of  boho into your winter wardrobe. Something that is in almost every aspect of my regular wardrobe, but we won’t go there.
Navy Outfit 5

Street Style


Perfect look for running errands around the city, or when you feel like being a badass. Nothing beats an edgy city street look, and these easy ensembles are here to help you achieve just that.


Navy Outfit 3


Navy Outfit 6
Knit hat, $16 / Round sunglasses, $9.99
So get to shopping campers. Oh and don’t forget sharing is caring, feel free to click any and all of those buttons below.

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