Fall Fashion Weigh In

Changing leaves, crisp mornings, pumpkin everything, sitting by a fire with your S.O…..these are things that make me think of fall.

Just kidding. I live in Florida. There are no changing leaves, “crisp” mornings are more like mornings with bearable temperatures with the same amount of humidity, and frankly I quite don’t like pumpkin scented/flavored things all that much. (GASP)

The signifiant other thing? We won’t discuss that.

There is one thing that I DO get excited about when it comes to fall.

Everybody say it with me: FALL FASHION!!!!

Fall Fashion Weigh In

I know, I know. I live in Florida, why do I get excited for fall fashion? It because I have a thing for layers (because I don’t get to wear them that much) and for dark colors. Especially black. On black. On black. And burgundy. Additionally, fall clothing is just naturally more “fancy” and I’ll take any excuse I can get to be fancy. Just ask my friends and co-workers (who both habitually make fun of me for always being so “put together” to just sit at a desk all day.)

Anywho, all regional differences aside. I’m weighing in on what we at Summer Camp ’98 believe to be the biggest trends for Fall ’15.


That’s right, ponchos. I can feel your looks of utter disgust and disappointment. But it’s true, you heard it here.


Just don’t style it like this (Sorry, Carrie):


YES. I love hunter green, it’s army green’s more sophisticated cousin. Elie Saab says so:

Go full on Gumby if you wish (just please do it tastefully) in varying tones of hunter green (from slight olive to jewel toned) or just add a pop of color (that’s another trend, keep on scrolling) with an accessory.

Hunter Green

This ain’t your mama’s ’70s. Sumptuous suedes, fur (real or faux, no judgement),  fringe, flares etc. It’s the perfect combo of slightly boho and Studio ’54. Like if Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger’s wardrobes had a love child:

Which brings me to my next point….

FUR (Faux or otherwise)

I’ve always had a peculiar affinity for fur, probably because Penny Lane from Almost Famous is my style icon and she has that AMAZING coat in the beginning of the movie (you know the one.) It’s popping up everywhere, even on Scream Queens. So go ahead, integrate a natural toned faux fur color into your fall wardrobe or really go for it and rock that fluffy pastel. You know you want to.

Fall Fur


Emma Roberts, you can do no wrong.



Lace, cameos, jewels, high necks etc. Just don’t do too much at once, unless you are going for a Halloween thing.


As I mentioned before, I’m a huge supporter and fan of black on black. On black. On black. No really, Lydia and I are soul sisters.



However, one must change it up every once in awhile! From pops of teal, to classic red, to a soft ballerina pink (with an add in of leopard, prints count too!) the possibilities are endless. Also, don’t forget to tap into beauty products for your pops of color. So stop being boring, you have no excuse.

Pops of color

While I’m distraught about the thought of summer being over (hey, we get that summertime sadness down here in Florida too people!) The light at the end of the tunnel are the possibilities of Fall’s fashion trends. I was getting sick of crop tops and cut off shorts anyway. So go forth and embrace your inner Gumby-poncho wearing-Studio’54 dancing-glamorous fur enthusiast. You won’t be sorry.


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