Glitter Roots… Among Other Things



Anyone with a social media account has probably seen the new glitter roots trend popping up everywhere. A unique way to go a few extra weeks without booking your hair appointment, or just a new way to use that glitter hairspray you still have from last halloween. Either way hair glitter is making a major comeback, which leads me to believe it is almost time to take my glitter dust out of retirement. Only time will tell.



Image Source: Instagram user _jingerly_

Glitter has been a necessity in my life (as well as many little girls lives) ever since I was  introduced to my first tube of glitter glue. But this is 2015 and in this new age glitter-cessorizing doesn’t have to exclude men.  There’s a new way to incorporate glitter in your daily life and this one is just for the gentlemen, people of the internet I give you glitter beards!


Image Source: Instagram user thegaybeards

The first time I saw glitter beards on Instagram I was hooked. I cannot say the same about glitter roots, as they started popping up on my explore feed I can’t say I was very enthusiastic. Glitter roots originated as a new way to cover up your growing roots. Most the girls rocking this look had crazy colored locks and styled their glitter roots with the double bun, a true 90’s throwback. Looking back at it, I know now I just jealous, I could never pull off hot pink hair (as much as I would love to). But, as the trend started to gain momentum more people started coming forward with their own take on this style. And as to be expected, the people of Instagram did not disappoint.



It certainly has grown on me and now  I can honestly say I’m an advocate of both glitter roots and glitter beards. With New Years Eve coming up, the biggest glitter event of the season, I encourage all of our campers to go a little crazy (like you need more encouragement). I’m pricing out some gold glitter hairspray on amazon as we speak.



Don’t believe what you read. All that glitters is gold.


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