Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you are a Halloween fanatic like us you have probably been planning your Halloween costume since last Halloween. Of course things get in the way, like when you realize Halloween is in less than a week and you still haven’t even begun putting together your intricate, pop culturally relevant, bad ass costume that you have to make by hand because it’s so new that the costume manufacturers haven’t even begun mass-producing it. So unless you have a plan b., or a lot of free time on your hands, you start from scratch. Or, more likely you just haven’t even had the time to start thinking about what you are wearing and are probably going to be the same thing as last year or you just throw something together last minute. Either way this article was written with you in mind!

I’ve taken the opportunity to list a few of our favorite halloween costumes ideas for 2015 whether you are a do-it-yourself inclined, or otherwise.

Food Costumes



Believe it or not, there are some pretty amazing food related costumes out on the market lately. (Has anyone seen pizza rat?) If you are not big into buying pre-made store costumes, or are tired of being the slutty version of whatever,  there are tons of easy DIY costumes available. The two depicted above are both Studio DIY originals and you can find the instructions here and here. Easily suitable for the office and you are not going to scare anyone in H.R. Plus, they are extremely bright and colorful and just stinking cute.



Most of these costumes just require a hot glue gun and a quick stop at your crafts store to turn that inexpensive red dress into a gum ball machine. Or, add a few paper popcorn kernels to an old t-shirt you cropped. Then pair it with a red and white vertical stripped pencil skirt and voilà you are popcorn, every little girls dream.

Rock and Roll Icon



Being your favorite rockstar is definitely easier than it looks. Achieve your Stevie Nicks fantasy with a top hat, black flowing dress and layers and layers of accessories. Don’t forget a tambourine! David Bowie is even easier, just pair your fiercest outfit with his iconic makeup from the cover of Aladdin Sane. These looks don’t require much more than what you already have in your wardrobe, and therefore are excellent in a pinch.

90’s Nickelodeon



Move over Disney, Nickelodeon is coming back and in a big way. Celebrate the new launch of “The Splat,” an all 90’s Nickelodeon programming block that aires on TeenNick daily, by being your favorite 90’s Nickelodeon character. Just do us a favor, anyone dressing up like Tommy Pickles please spare us the adult diaper. It is just as creepy as it sounds and everyone will try and avoid you the entire night, unless that was the plan, then by all means do it. Just don’t stand by me.

Halloween Crowns



Show the world that you really are the queen of everything with these simple lace crowns, instructions here. Really all you need is a quick stop to your local craft store to pick up all your supplies. Pair with your most regal outfit and you’re all set. Or, if you want to show off your wicked side and maybe have an old grecian costume you want to reuse (I think just about everyone has been to a toga party) the Medusa headband is even easier. Just hot glue a handful of plastic snakes onto a headband and spray paint gold.  Allow some time to dry and you’re out the door.

Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup


Sometimes your costume is pretty much all in the face paint. These are some of our favorite ways to turn your everyday wardrobe into something more halloween appropriate (and just plain awesome). Just remember good halloween makeup is all in the way you set it. A grease or a cream needs a powder foundation so it doesn’t smear everywhere and if you use a water base you are going to need to buy yourself a setting spray. These tips will save you a whole lot of clean up later and will keep you looking fresh all evening.

Scary Halloween

Scary Halloween Costumes


Who doesn’t love a classic gory halloween costume? Pay tribute to your favorite horror villain or just create the creepiest thing you can imagine with all of the grease paint you just bought at your local Halloween store. Oh, and fake blood, you can never forget the fake blood.

Group Costume

Lauren Conrad Group Costume


You can find thousands of group costumes on Pinterest but it wouldn’t be a Halloween costume post if I didn’t mention Lauren Conrad, arguably the queen of the DIY Halloween costume. This years look is ‘Party Animals’ (as pictured above). We all know animal ears and lingerie has been a popular choice for halloween costumes for years, but why not class up the place a bit and pair it with a sophisticated cocktail dress instead. (Seriously, whoever decided halloween should be a holiday in which prostitutes could walk among us unrecognized should be shot.) Detailed instructions on how to recreate this look here.

Lastly, for anyone who thought the rainbow vomit snap lens was hilarious, boy have we found the tutorial for you.

 And what exactly are we being?? All will be revealed soon…..Muahahaha.


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