Off Duty Model Style

Alright let’s face it, very few of us have the same alluring appeal as Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, or GiGi Hadid. Meaning we all don’t have that perfectly symmetrical face or fierce eyebrows (but good GOD we can TRY!)

HOWEVER, there is one way to channel your inner runway model without going on an extreme diet or killing yourself at the gym. By adopting their killer off duty style. So, let’s take a look at the following looks that we have “thrown together” (in true disheveled/sexy off duty model style) for your viewing pleasure.

Feeling Distressed and Blue?

Alright I’ll confess, loose fitting boyfriend jeans are my mortal enemy and typically will leave me feeling distressed and all kinds of blue in the fitting room. They have a tendency to make my already wide set hips wider. But I will tell you, once you find that PERFECT pair hang on to them like your high school crush (because you know you have one, don’t you deny it.) Models seem to have an affinity for these as well as basic white T-shirts that they may have borrowed from their boyfriends as well. Pair these two staples with simple accessories, a bold lip (with no other make up of course), and simple strappy heels. By the way, heels are the MOST important component to the off duty model look. If you don’t listen to anything else I tell you, please remember that.

Off Duty Model Look 1
Express Yo’Self 

Meaning feel free to dig up an old band T-shirt or sweat shirt. In fact, if you have an old one from high school that works too. Or a brand new one with a witty saying, whatever. The more “ironic” the better. Pair them with ripped black skinnies (another model essential), combat boots, and understated yet edgy accessories.

Model Off Duty Look 2
Take it Easy, Man

Off duty model style is about comfort. Think about it, these girls are pinned, sewn, taped, and probably even super glued into clothing for as a career. Another great way to channel the off duty model look is to trade in those ripped jeans for a flowy skirt. Add in a unique graphic T-shirt (the one pictured below is one of my personal favorites as you can see on our Instagram) some ankle boots and boho-esque accessories, and some sunglasses. Because you know, you don’t want to recognized on your day off, right?

Off Duty Model Look 3
Fifty Shades of…Grey?  (Okay, I ran out of whitty plays on words)

Quite possibly my favorite look, as I am a complete sucker for dresses. Top it off with a leather jacket, kitchsey  knee socks, structured messenger bag, platform boots (because you know, boots. Duh.), and some unique yet understated accessories. Opptional: a thick black headband to keep the hair off your face and to show off those quirky earrings…which I am currently lusting after.

Off Duty Model Look 4


Now you are prepared to spend your day off in style and in comfort while channeling your inner soooper model. Now go strut your stuff down the sidewalk princess.

Just don’t wear those^


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