Ratchet Crafts: Autumn Edition

ratchet crafts

“There is nothing else that brings us as much joy as finding the perfect DIY project on Pinterest and executing it to perfection.” Or, so says the imaginary blogger I just made up in my head. Although, as well-put together we here at Summer Camp ’98 appear, we have the combined patience of a two-year old. So when a close friend of ours suggested we put a crafts/DIY section in our blog my initial reaction was to laugh out loud and shut the whole idea down. A crafts/DIY section with the two of us would result into a Pinterest Fail goldmine. But then again who doesn’t love a good train wreck (seriously what kind of fake summer camp would we be without an arts and crafts tent). So without further ado, we here at Summer Camp ’98 would like to present you with Ratchet Crafts!

Lets begin by explaining our artistic process. We began where all the great artist find their muses, Pinterest, searching a sea of pages under the criteria  “Fall Crafts” until we found the perfect subject. Painted pumpkins, something so easy that a toddler could do it but had the potential of looking somewhat professional (emphasis on somewhat).


We then proceeded to scavenge materials around the house, mainly random craft paint and glitter that has been around since the 90’s. The rest we would have to find at the local dollar store. After a trip to both the Dollar General and Family Dollar (luckily both are located within a mile radius [perks of living within a podunk town {smh}]) we were able to obtain four small plastic pumpkins with some random maple leaves, pinecones and (GASP) rhinestones! The grand total of this venture was a whopping $4.28, which we made the cashier split in half because we were feeling difficult that day.


“Glitter Champion 2015” 

In true Matt Bellassai fashion, we finished a bottle of wine before we started crafting. And it was all downhill from there. The remainder of this post could easily turn into me simply complaining about how long it takes paint to dry, but I will try to refrain. We decided that we would capture the true essence of fall with the limited supplies we had and created our masterpiece ‘#BasicBetchPumpkinSpiceLife’. Somehow we got through the whole experience without decorating my entire apartment in glitter. Now all we have left is to try and have it displayed in OMA, or something.


The icing on the cake is when my S.O. came over the following day only to exclaim how bad we were at crafts. Like we didn’t know. Kudos to you ladies out there who have mastered the art of crafts. While the rest of you are creating a wreath out of a cinnamon broom and some loose pine needles, you can find me eating beer cheese and watching reruns of Friends on Netflix.


At least we’re cute. 


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One response to “Ratchet Crafts: Autumn Edition”

  1. Miss Diane says:

    Love them! Have them decorating our hallway, although what does “Basic Betch” mean???

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