Welcome Campers!


Hello and welcome to Summer Camp ’98!

Here in our little corner of the internet we are dedicated to bringing you the best and latest (in our humble opinions) in fashion, lifestyle, culture, and wit, with just a sprinkling of snarkiness. We will be posting weekly and don’t forget to follow us socially! For your additional viewing pleasure, we are on all of the big mack daddy social media platforms…..with Tumblr, Pinterest and SnapChat on their way!

Met in the summer of ’98, the rest is in writing. We have a lot to say whether you like it or not. But hopefully you do! Every week we will be posting new ideas and some reoccurring themes (such as Chronicles of a Broke Millennial, #TBT Fashion Experiments, That One Time We Tried to Cook, and anything else that we find mildly amusing.)

To sum it up, we are just a couple of bloggers and friends existing in eternal summer, with some guest stars along the way. So pull up a spot at the campfire and be sure to bring some wine (because it’s the polite thing to do.)


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One response to “Welcome Campers!”

  1. Mother says:

    Glad you remembered your manners!

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