Fur Fashion and All Things Fur

As you may know we’ve already covered the hottest trends of the fall/winter season but now since winter has officially arrived (as of three weeks ago) I feel like one of these trends needs a little more loving and it has nothing to do with my absolute obsession with fur, faux of course. Although the winter has been mild, to say the least, fur has transcended seasons and is finishing up strong. (Probably because the temperature actually allows you to wear it without pooling sweat.) I have been known to say I would wear a full yeti suit if it was presented to me.  If I had it my way I would have fur everything: fur throws, fur pillows, fur hats, fur coats, fur vest, fur shoes, fur keychains, fur earmuffs… I’ll stop before I become overwhelmed.





To begin, I may be a little late on this one but those oversized fur keychains are cute enough to cause brain hemorrhages. Seriously, Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi or who ever I have to thank for this I sincerely do!  ITS SO FLUFFY! And can I say it is perfect for the person who is prone to lose everything (you’re looking at her). No one is going to lose their keys if there’s a gerbil attached to them.



The staple clothing item for fur this season. Winter or fall, this look has it all (look at me, rhyming and stuff.) This style is great because you can pair these vests with virtually anything! Don’t be afraid to sport them over short sleeves or even none at all.   For the impatient few who rocked a fur vest with a sleeveless sundress I applaud you and dig your boho vibes.  I may even keep one of these in my wardrobe for spring. Well maybe not, but can you blame a girl for not wanting to let go?


Fur Vests


Furry-friend-clutch-Little-Liffner-street-style-furry-bag-faux-fur (1)

For the love of all things fur, this just seems like the obvious conclusion. Say hello to your new furry friend! Faux fur bags are great, not only because they will go perfectly with your new fur coat (and shoes, vest, keychain….and so on and so forth), but also because it’s almost like taking your animal companion with you anywhere you go, with no maintenance.

Fur For The Home


In case you couldn’t accessorize yourself enough with fur, accessorizing your home with fur accents are all the rage and 100% encouraged. Fur accents are a great way to decorate your house for the winter season and accomplish that cozy feel for any room in your house. Don’t stop with just the common fur throws and fur pillows, I’ve seen fur storage bins for the love of God!  Reupholster that bench stool with a nice faux fur overlay, drape that new fur throw over your favorite reading chair, add fur accent pillows to your bed, etc. If you feel so inclined, go ham and incorporate fur in every room of the house.



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