Weekend Vibes Playlist: Eardrum Edition



Hey Campers! Welcome to the newest addition to Summer Camp ’98! We’re starting the new year off right by offering our highly esteemed readers the greatest gift of all, playlists on playlists on playlists. So next time you’re scrolling through Spotify’s “Browse” page trying to figure out something new to listen to why don’t you give our handcrafted mixes a shot.  My name is Kat, and I will be bringing you regular playlists that will (hopefully) bring euphoric feels to your eardrums. Each playlist will be based on mood and will be chock-full of artists we both know and love and quite a few that are new to the scene.

To start this section off right I’ve crafted a special selection of bangers to rock this weekend.  Seems like everyone is riding on that electronic wave right now so hopefully we can introduce you to something new to groove to this year.



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