Spring Beauty Trends 2016

The New York and Paris fashion weeks have come and gone and we’ve learned a lot about our upcoming fashion trend forecast. Only leaving, you guessed it, the new beauty and hair trends of the season. If you’re going for a fresh look, you simply cannot ignore hair and makeup. I’ve gathered some of the hottest new looks for this season. Expect to be seeing these around.

Big Blue

That’s right, its back. Bold and blue. The look that you’ve been trying to forget about since you’ve graduated Junior High. We all have those cringe worthy memories of  trying out glitter eyeshadow and blue mascara for the first time and then going out in public (gasp). With a little more experience under your belt, maybe you have the skills to pull this off.


Bronze Goddess

The “New” Natural. Metallics are definitely in and this bronze hue really does something to warm up your complexion. Wear under your cheekbones (contour baby) as well as your eyelids for maximum effect.

This is a look I can really get behind. You’ll find me lounging on the beach with my highlighter shimmering in the sun.

bronze copy

Blunt Bangs and Bobs

All the Zooeyphiles rejoice! Bangs and Bobs are back at it again. Short hairstyles can do a lot to completely transform your look. But not everyone can pull it off. I would make sure the look suits you first, maybe some photo editing or a trip to the wig shop. It’s a big commitment, one that I’m not jumping into anytime soon. (I get anxiety just thinking about it).

bangs copy


Bring on the Braids

Braids and twists, oh my! I guess I never got the memo that these were out, because I’ve been rocking braids for the past decade. A staple look for any of us whose hair is a little bit too dirty to wear down. Like everyone knows braids just don’t look as good in clean hair. Regardless, use this as an excuse to show off your perfected fishtails and waterfall braids.


Satin Red

So matte is out, and satin is back in (surprise). No more berries or merlots, classic red in a satin finish has taken center stage.


Walk the Line

For everyone who sat through geometry thinking “I’m never going to use this stuff in real life”, well you were right. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to use those shapes and lines for your daily beauty ritual. Contour triangles all day long. This look is a bit more dramatic, using dark lines to accentuate your eyes. With room to get a little creative.



As previously mentioned metallics are back. Get ready to sparkle. Sorry matte, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you around in the fall.


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  1. Miss Diane says:

    Does any of this apply to me?

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