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Guess What?!


Well, almost. According to the calendar it technically starts March 20th.  BUT time changes tonight/early tomorrow morning and in my eyes, that means it’s Spring again. My favorite part about that? The Spring trends of course. Through some thorough research (aka Googling and oohing and ahhing over all of the new clothes that I want to buy) I present to you, the trends of Spring 2016.


Give em’ the Cold Shoulder

Everyone has parts of their body that they are more partial to, mine happens to be my shoulders. Therefore I’m a fan of this one. Expect to see cold shoulder styles on tunics, crop tops, and dresses (both long and short.) Get out your highlighters ladies, because your shoulders and and collarbone (or Décolletage, if you’re fancy) are going to be all kinds of out there.

Give them the cold shoulder

I’m not a groupie, I’m a Band-Aid!

Yet again, 1970s Bohemian is the look.  Channel your inner Penny Lane, Joan Biaz, Cher, Maryanne Faithful, and so on and so forth.

I'm not a groupie, I'm a Band-Aid!

I See London, I See France….

One time Junior year of high school I tried to make this trend happen. I felt so chic in my little vintage slip dress, grandpa cardigan and cowboy style ankle boots (I was going through an Olsen Twins phase, mk?) Until my mom gave me the side eye as I attempted to skip out the house. It was not mom approved or more than likely not school administration approved. This MIGHT be work approved, but only in small doses so be very careful. However if we are talking Sunday brunch, anything goes so you might as well not even get dressed.

Dream Catcher

I Walk the Line

I don’t even want to admit how many black & white striped shirts I own. It’s sick. Do I wear them all? No. However I love a good striped item. Spring 2016 is calling for stripes of all kinds and in all colors. Mix it up, just don’t end up looking like a stick of fruit stripe gum (remember those?!)

I Walk the Line

In Bloom

It’s Spring. So yeah, there is going to be a floral trend in here somewhere whether you like it or not. Expect to see florals just about everywhere. From shoes, to pants, to jewelry there will be blooms of some sort all over the place. Just make sure that you choose floral prints that are chic and tasteful…..not grandma’s curtains.

In Bloom

There you have it. If you need me, I’ll be out shopping and trying to figure out how to pull off floral print pants without looking like a dingus.








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