When tasked to sit down and write about ourselves, we just wanted to sum it up as we are “really, really, really cool.” Because we are. And lazy. You know you are too.

Anywho, we met at summer camp in 1998. No really, we did. Doesn’t that just warm your heart like a made-for-T.V. Disney movie? We’ve been friends ever since, the kind of friends who could not speak for a year at a time and pick up the phone (because yes, people do still actually use the phone for its original intended purpose) and call one another and it is like zero time has passed.

We decided to call our little corner of the internet Summer Camp ’98 because it’s what brought us together as friends. We have seen each other at our best and worst, through extremely sad situations, graduations, birthdays and awesome as well as crappy boyfriends. Essentially, we are pretty much sisters (seriously, we should have our own sitcom. You know it would be your Netflix guilty pleasure.)

The idea of Summer Camp ’98 came from a mixture of boredom, creativity, and a few too many mimosas on a Sunday Funday. We are here to make you laugh, show you pretty things, share ideas, and give you our opinions, whether you like them or not. We have put our blood, sweat, tears, too many bottles of Pinot Noir, Tuesday evenings and weekends into this. Because in case you didn’t know, blogging ain’t easy.

So we sincerely hope you enjoy it, campers 😉